Q.  What information do I need to bring to set up insurance for my house?

A. The first thing we do is review a “checklist” of underwriting information” with you.  See list of questions.  Please consider reviewing this in advance to streamline our ability to provide you with a quote.

Q.  What limit of insurance do I need on my house?

A.  In order to answer this question we would need to collect from you some details about the age, construction type and improvements of your house.  We then do a “rebuilding cost estimate” and use this figure to base what premium you will pay.  Keep in mind the cost to rebuild your house will likely be different from the real estate market value or tax assessment value.

Q.  What limit of insurance do I need on my contents?

A.  If you are renting or leasing or own a condo we would need you to do your own estimate of what it would cost you to replace all of your contents with like kind and quality of property.  This is the figure we should use to insure your property.  (We do not need to see your list).  If you own your house the policy automatically includes your contents at a limit that would be 80% of the amount your house amount is insured to.

Q.  What do I need to do to apply for a quote for a farm policy or a commercial property?

A.  As most farms and businesses today are becoming more complex, it is best that you call us or stop by our office to discuss some things in advance.  We then can review the preliminary information and come up with a more detailed plan and be able to ask you pertinent questions that would need to be answered in order to apply for a quote for insurance.  Remember, the better we can understand what you do the better we can assess your insurance needs and be able to provide you with solutions or options to help you make an educated decision on what protection measures you want to purchase.